Optimize the quality of your garden

“Livn is smart irrigation system that takes cares of your garden and it keeps it beautiful, saving up to 60% of water”

What does Livn offer?

Control across the globe

Control your irrigation from anywhere around the world, the only thing that you need is your phone. Even though our system has the ability to automatically schedule, you never lose control. If you are going to throw a party with your family and friends in your garden, let Livn know through the app and you’ll just need to worry to enjoy.

Optimal water utilization

Actual systems waste up to 60% of water, Livn takes care not to use more nor less water that your garden really needs.

Smart Irrigation

In your life you have things a lot more important than being fighting with your irrigation. That’s why Livn, using weather information and our sensors, automatically and smartly schedules your irrigation. It will ever irrigate when it’s raining.

Livn’s components


The smart irrigation controller sends your garden’s the information to our AI, so it can decide when and how much to irrigate.


The sensors are the responsible for collecting information directly from your garden’s soil and communicate it to the system. Includes variables like humidity, luminosity and temperature, which allow forecasting in a better way the needs of water of each zone of your garden.


The apps allows you to monitor the system and inform you about your garden’s status from anywhere across the globe. Also it allows you to configure your irrigation preferences, for example, if you are having an event on your garden, you can snooze the watering for that time.